Dienstag, 7. Juli 2009


Enemy Mindz - Make Money 12" (1997 Lyons Gate Entertainment)
Sehr cooles 97er Eastcoast release...hier ein paar Infos, die ich gefunden habe:

(Stories are both criminal and enemy minded, making them unbelievable, but also making them only as interesting and convincing as the teller. That's why, despite having no record deal, and making it through the some of the toughest adversities in life, the industry will gravitate to Sunset Park Brooklyn's finest Hip Hop group - The Enemy Mindz - like flies on shit!!!
This here is both a bio for the Enemy Mindz, but also a Lesson that society can learn from. It is the untold truth about a struggling Hip Hop group's journey and their decisions to go the many different routes life has to offer. The lesson is purely about how "One should never measure a man's success by how high he climbs, but only how high he bounces when he hits bottom!" Welcome to the world of the Enemy Mindz where bouncing back up from the bottom is a daily occurrence.
Enemy Mindz first made waves on the hip hop scene in 1997 with their debut album entitled "Every Negative Environment Manipulates Your Mindz" which gave birth to the acronym of E.N.E.M.Y MINDZ. After learning the hard lessons of no promotion by their former label and the less than expected album sales, the Enemy Mindz went the independent route and are now debuting their 15+ track album led by the fiery vocals of VIC FROHZ and Killa Hill.
Born and raised in the streets of Sunset Park Brooklyn, the Enemy Mindz faced the typical adversities of growing up in the streets where dreams of making it are dismal, and the odds of moving out are slim. Killa Hill witnessed both his parents pass away at a relatively young age due to unforeseen circumstances. Like most youths, Killa turned to the streets where he was immediately embraced and would soon discover some of his most hidden talents. Vic also known as F.R.O.H.Z (Forever Rocking On High Zoots) had a reputation for making moves, sparking up the L's, and spitting heat behind the mic. While most people often capture a glimpse of an extravagant lifestyle on TV, Frohz had a reputation for making that a reality through his money motivated tactics, ambitions, and power balling.
Both Killa and Vic met in 1993 through a mutual friend by the name of RAS who responsible for the first Enemy Mindz album. Both met on the corners of Sunset Park Brooklyn where it was a ritual to Rhyme on the Block and battle mcees as the night broke into day. Once they met, Frohz and Killa discovered that it wasn't only hip hop that they had in common, but it was their love for the streets, and throwing a good party that made them connect. They say Enemy Mindz think alike, and this relationship would prove that theory is correct as both Vic and Killa partnered in rhyme, and became inseparable in the neighborhood.
So as their partnership grew, the rhymes got better, and the money was often overwhelming. Things were sweet for the Enemy Mindz, as their chances at making it big in the industry were ever increasing with offers from several labels, management teams, and locking down the bars in every local club in NYC. But who would of thought that the light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train? While both were fully ready to deal with the hard realities attributed to some of their decisions and their environment, a death of their closest friend - Basta- combined with a long unplanned vacation trip would have appeared to shatter their dreams in making Hip Hop a full time hustle.
Immediately after reading about the deaths, and dismal news in the local New York newspaper, visions of a second album were slim. Despite this, both Vic and Killa perfected their craft, and production for the second album was still underway. Due to the lack of resources available to both Vic and Killa, it wasn't till several months later that they both would hear word that production on the second album was underway and songs would begin to form.
These events would turn out to be the key milestones in shaping the second album for the Enemy Mindz. These events not only helped to build stronger integrity and character in the group, but it would bring the best rhymes out of both Vic and Killa. While away, they would go on to focus much more on their rhyming skills and write about their experiences in the streets. During these years, Killa would go on to win the Mc champion award at Fort Dix. Several hundreds of miles away, Vic would blaze the ciphers in the mess hall. Despite the barriers they both faced, the primitive communication channels, and the disparate differences in locations of both Vic, and Killa; it was during these years where the second Enemy Mindz album would come to fruition without them even knowing it. They would both get on the horn to discuss concepts for new songs, and write to the concepts without any beats available.
A couple of years later, and 15 + tracks into the album, the ENEMY MINDZ are ready to hit the hip hop business by storm with a taste of raw, and unsolicited hip hop that most people in the industry are salivating for!! They say that success is "Going from one failure to another only with much more enthusiasm the next time around". They say staying together is progress, and working together is and will be SUCCESS!!! With over 15 tracks of the most controversial, heart felt, and partying songs of the year, you can not miss coping this album in 2005.)
ENJOY! picture coming soon!

1. "Make Money"
2. "Money On My $"

Montag, 6. Juli 2009


DBS - Any & Everybody 12" (1997 Word Of Mouth Ent.)
Da bin ick wieder, ewig nichts gepostet....dafür gehts jetzt erst richtig los ;0)
Fangen wir an mit DBS aus New Jersey, Monster B-Seiten Track mit "Intelligent Rudeness" mein abosluter Banger Track auf der 12inch! A-Seite geht auch gut klar, kann aber mit der B-Seite niemals mit halten, checkt dass mal ab. Recorded at the Rhythm Nation Studios Montclair, New Jersey. All Tracks produced by R.I.M.P. DBS
photo coming soon...

1. "Any & Everybody"

2. "Intelligent Rudeness"

Mittwoch, 18. Juni 2008


Krimson Jihad - Touchin Somethin EP (199? King´s Kid Records)
Merkwürdiges aber in meinen Augen sehr gutes release von Krimson Jihad aus New Jersey. Kein typischer New York / New Jersey style, die Jungs haben so Ihren eigenen Stil. Heisst nicht das es schlecht ist, aber etwas ungewöhnlich für NJ Rap ist es schon. Auf der Platte sind auch noch ganz miese RnB Tracks, warum die auf der Platte sind bleibt mir ein Rätsel!?? Aber checkt die Tracks am besten selbst (natürlich nicht die RnB Tracks)...meine fav´s sind "Jersey (Jerz)" & "Chambulyn".

foto kommt bald...

1. "Touchin Somethin Pt. 1"
2. "Krossfire"
3. "Jersey (Jerz)"
4. "Chambulyn"

Freitag, 6. Juni 2008


Prisoners Of War - To Become Mc´s 12" (199? IHH Records)
Hey dudes, habe hier eine Platte für euch die (denke ich) nicht sehr bekannt sein dürfte. Es handelt sich um die "Prisoners of War" 12inch mit dem B-Seiten Track "To Become Mc´s". Über den anderen Track brauchen wir uns gar nicht zu unterhalten....WEAK! Ick finde den Track Bombe weil er so mystisch/geheimnisvoll klingt und die Mc´s ordentlich spitten. Woher die Typen kommen weiss ich nicht, die Platte jedenfalls ist auf dem Label "Independent Hip Hop" released worüber auch Mahagony seine Platte veröffentlichte. Denke also es ist New York stuff....Foto kommt wieder später da ich keine Cam habe und mir erst wieder eine ausleihen muss....Kohle geht halt für´s gute alte Vinyl weg ;0)

1. "To Become Mc´s"

Mittwoch, 4. Juni 2008


Original - Hey Mr. M.C. 12" (1997 World Won Records)
So...ich bin mal wieder im "Blog"-Wahn und präsentiere euch schon die nächste 12inch. Die Platte ist vorgestern bei mir eingetroffen, habe sie sehr lange für einen fairen Preis gesucht und vor kurzem (unglaublich) bei ebay für 17 dollar bekommen. Das Vinyl ging sonst für 80 dollar und mehr weg. Die Platte ist von "Original" aus New Jersey und ist meiner Meinung nach ein Hammer. Mir gefallen die Beats, sowie auch der Mc. Die B Seite ist ebenfalls ein Brenner und wurde von Dj Skills & Tone-Bone produziert, die A-Seite wurde von Original himself produziert und flasht mich auch gewaltig. Der Remix auf der B-seite featured noch Infinite und die Born Predators. Zieht euch die mp3´s rein und lasst ein Feedback hören.

1. "Hey Mr. M.C."
2. "Hey Mr. M.C. Remix"

Montag, 2. Juni 2008


321 - Rock The Ruff Rapps 12" (1994 Hard Life Records)
Slept on NY release von "321" aus dem Ultramagnetic Mc´s Umfeld. Habe die Platte vor Jahren beiläufig in einem Plattenladen in Schweden gekauft und seitdem auch nie wieder woanders (ebay etc.) gesehen. Der Beat wurde von "Fly Guy" Kool Kim von den UMC´s produziert und gefällt mir wirklich gut. Habe keine weiteren Infos für euch ausgraben können und hoffe Ihr begnügt euch mit den mp3´s!?

1. "Rock The Ruff Rapps"

Sonntag, 1. Juni 2008


Microphone Terrorists - No Food 12" (1996 Terrorist Ent.)
Ruffes 96er Eastcoast release von den Microphone Terrorists. Dope zwei Track 12inch von dem Duo aus New York. Die Beats wurden von Butta Fingaz produziert. Es gibt noch ein weiteres release, nennt sich "Green Paper" und ist definitiv rarer als diese Platte. Habe das Vinyl "Green Paper" noch nie gehört bzw. gesehen und würde mich freuen wenn sich jemand meldet der nähere Infos/mp3s hat. THX!

1. "No Food"
2. "Hall Of Fame"